Innovation Journey 2024

From 27th to 29th of February a delegation of area managers, team leaders and project managers of Wood K plus visited institutes of IHD Dresden and TV Dresden to discuss scientific topics and potential future cooperations.


In the morning, we went to IHD Dresden (Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden) led by Prof. Steffen Tobisch, where we had an interesting and open exchange of experiences with the heads of the departments “Chemistry”, “Materials”, and “Surface” and their research coordinator. Together we identified various common interests in scientific topics (e.g. alternative bonding, wooden materials, fire retardancy, functional surfaces, etc.). For this we discussed potential project cooperations in different funding schemes in the near future. Finally, we got a tour through their laboratories and pilot lines to find synergies in terms of equipment.


After lunch we visited then the Research Center Carbon Fibers Saxony (RCCF) with their scientific director Thomas Behnisch and some of his colleagues. All are additionally involved in activities of the TU Dresden, “Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology” (ILK) and “Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology” (ITM).


With them we discussed several different topics like bio-based precursors, bio-based carbons, lightweight materials, characterization and processing of composites and 3D printing filaments, flame retardancy and so on. To get a better understanding of potential synergies regarding equipment and collaboration we got a tour through their site at Breitscheidstraße 78 where we also had to dress for a clean room production line.


For the future these transnational cooperations will also support interested companies in manifold ways.


Finally, again many thanks to all for the warm welcome and the open discussions! We are looking forward to welcome all of you at our sites.