Equipment and Methods

At St. Veit an der Glan we have a comprehensive laboratory and pilot plant equipment and the possibility of using the infrastructure of our industrial and scientific partners.


Technical center

  • Hot press (Svoboda)
  • Environmental simulation device MFK 720 (Binder)
  • Climate laboratory
  • Accelerated weathering (Bandol wheel)
  • Powder spray coating facility (Wagner)

Analytical laboratory

  • Mikroscopy (fluorescence, stereo, IR linked)
  • Optical 3D surface measurement technique (Alicona)
  • Spectroscopy (FTIR, NIR, UV-Vis, TD NMR)
  • Thermoanalysis (DSC, TGA, TMA)
  • Paperanalysis (smoothness measuring device Bekk, porosity tester (Gurley), DOMAS formation scanner)
  • Contact angle measuring device (Data Physics)
  • Tensiometer (Data Physics)
  • Deformation analysis system (Auto Grid)
  • Mini Martindale abrasion & pilling tester
  • Statistical gloss meter (Rhopoint Instruments)
  • Colorimeter (GretagMacbeth)
  • Oxygenmeter (YSI 5100)
  • Pyranometer (UV Integrator CMP 11)
  • Wood moisture measurements (Gann, Merlin)
  • Ohmmeter (TO-3)
  • Infrared camera (Testo 880)
  • Data logging device (Dewetron)
  • Light cabinet (Byko-spectra basic)


Wet chemical laboratory

  • Atmospheric plasma device (Plasmatreat FG3001 + RD1004)
  • UV curing system (IST)
  • Labor-foulard (Mathis)
  • Mini-spray dryer B-290 (BÜCHI)
  • IGT high speed inking unit 4
  • IGT global standard tester 2
  • IGT fluff tester set
  • Lab reactor