Archive 2015

Talente Regional Project „Let's Process“

The aim of this project is that children and teens can understand processes and the used “language” to describe them. They should learn and get curious as to which main parameters can influence a process to get the most efficient and sustainable ones.

Upper Austrian 2015 Innovation Award

The development and optimization of activated carbon fibers and their application as electrode material for supercapacitors was awarded with the Upper Austrian Award for Innovation 2015. Wood K plus was chosen from all 82 proposals for the Jury-Award for Radical Innovations.

Scientific Seminar in Cooperation with ETH, EMPA and BOKU

BOKU (Institute of Wood Technology and Renewable Materials) & Wood K plus Area 4 meet their Swiss colleagues from ETH (Wood Materials Science Group, Ingo Burgert) and EMPA (Applied Wood Materials, Tanja Zimmermann) Zurich annually.