Research Interests

At St. Veit/Glan our research is focused on the topic surface technology concerning wood based products and bio based composites. In synergy with our industrial and scientific partners the work is carried out by our well educated researchers to establish a high expertise. This allows for long term cooperation with big firms and enables the first research steps for small size enterprises. Our offers range from foundational research up to generation of prototyping.


Our research topics are

  • Surface characterisation
  • Determination of correlations und interactions between technology properties and surface appearance
  • Process analysis for these surface properties
  • Determination of efficient (production) processes
  • Development of new surface characterisation methods


To offer the best possible support to our clients the research issues have been put into execution by five teams:


Team Coating Technologies

The research focus deals with the powder coating technology of wood based panels, natural fiber composites and composite materials for furniture and interior applications as well as their functionalisation (integration of printed electronics, self-healing,...). Another core area is the surface modification and functionalisation using plasma activation and coating under atmospheric pressure conditions.


Team Green Long Fiber Materials

The team Green Long Fiber Materials investigates and develops high-performance materials made from wood fibers and natural fibers for lightweight applications in the automotive and non-automotive sector as well. In particular we would like to point out the development of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics based on flax fabrics for automotive seat shells and bio-based composites made from biopolymers and flax fabrics for furniture (e.g. chairs), sports equipment (e.g. skateboards) and structural components (e.g. rotor blades of small wind turbines). One of the principal research objectives comprises the synthesis of biopolymers from renewable resources for the purpose of using them as bio-based matrix component of plant fiber reinforced composites (green composites) or as binder of bio-based coating materials.


Team Laminates

The aim of this work group is to enhance the properties of laminates. This ranges from surface functionalisation (appearance, haptic, scratch resistance, printability, self-healing, self-cleaning,…) to functionalisation of the layer composites (deformation properties, integration of sensors and interlayers,…).


Team Paper Properties

This team has its focus on the optimisation of paper properties. This covers issues which analyse the impact of different process parameters and process steps on the surface properties of different kind of papers (décor paper, kraft paper, sack paper).


Team Data Based Material Development

The data-based material development team employs advanced approaches and technologies to design, analyse and optimise materials and processes across diverse applications. Sensors from renewable materials and spectroscopic data, coupled with statistical design of experiments, form the foundation for data collection to support the development of knowledge-based models. By harnessing the capabilities of data analytics and promoting collaboration across various disciplines, we drive innovation to craft materials with smart and intelligent properties, enhanced functionality and a heightened level of sustainability.