Vision 2030

Innovative solutions for a circular bioeconomy

We are a leading research institute in the area wood and wood-related renewable resources in Europe. Our core competences are materials research and process technology along the complete value chain – from raw material to finished products. We develop methods and basics and perform applied research on the economy-science interface in order to enable resource-efficient management in the circular bioeconomy.





Our 2030 mission is to conduct research into sustainable materials, processes and technologies for industrial applications and products from renewable resources.


With the Triple5 for Wood K plus 2030 – five objectives, five strategic guidelines and five values – we have outlined our path for the future:


Our 2030 objectives

  • We are primarily guided by the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: sustainable consumption and production (12); resilient infrastructure, inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and innovation (9); combating climate change (13); and implementation and life on land (15). By working with renewable raw materials, we make a significant contribution to combating climate change and maintaining a healthy, liveable environment.
  • By conducting cutting-edge research in the relevant fields, we help to set the international research agenda.
  • By integrating complementary technologies such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence we build bridges between the analogue and the digital world in the field of bioeconomy.
  • By increasing the number of key and senior researchers, we are enhancing our scientific expertise. Our highly qualified staff interact with other fields, understand the cultural backgrounds of our partners, work in solution-oriented, interdisciplinary teams and communicate clearly and eye to eye.
  • We act as a central point of contact for industry, civil society, policymakers and all interested stakeholders on questions concerning the future of the bioeconomy.


Our strategic guidelines for 2030

  • As a “Competence Centre for Excellent Technologies”, we cover the relevant value chains in their entirety, thanks to our modern infrastructure and our acclaimed network of partners, and act as a training ground for industry and science.
  • Our staff of 150 works on interdisciplinary issues in regional, national and international projects across three clearly defined and complementary research areas.
  • Our organisation is geared towards professional technology and project management to enable us to address complex issues in larger research settings. In doing so, we cover the needs of the entire innovation chain.
  • Our academic publications and conference presentations are not only inspiring and of a high quality, but also spark the curiosity of the scientific community.
  • Our research results are transferable, transparent and knowledge-based. They have a measurable impact that is accessible to the public and easy to understand.


Our values

  • Passion for success 
  • Curiosity, creativity and the courage to try out new ideas
  • Independent action
  • Process-oriented thinking
  • Acknowledgement of divergent interests and needs