Research Interests

The team Sustainable Innovation and Impact Analysis (SIIA) works at the interface of technology and economy with the aim of successfully shaping innovation processes by providing tailor-made information. Considering Wood K plus conducts research in three different technical areas, the context of their research is also reflected in SIIA’s tasks, e.g. investigations on market potential of new products or technologies and their social acceptance. Using a wide variety of analysis methods, market barriers can be identified and addressed, or market opportunities can be targeted.


In addition, together with our research partners we assess economic, ecological and social impacts of new materials and processes alongside R&D. In this way, we support our partner companies in their contribution to climate protection and sustainable development. 


Our research topics include:

  • Economic, ecological and social product & technology assessment
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment
  • Eco-efficiency analysis for new technical developments
  • System Dynamics sector simulations with FOHOW
  • Agent-based market modeling
  • Econometric models and analyses
  • Experimental designs for market-oriented product development
  • Lead User Analysis, Conjoint Analysis and Analytical Hierarchy Process
  • Technology foresight with scenario analyses, Delphi surveys, network analyses
  • Media and content analyses
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research, e.g. interviews, content analyses or online surveys