Equipment and Methods

In the wood materials technologies division, R&D projects from the lab- up to the pilot plant scale can be realized using own equipment. In addition, equipment of the BOKU Vienna and TU Vienna is available via various joint projects. Within the technical center besides various test setups also pilot plants can be operated on an area of 450 m².


Pilot and technical facilities

Analysis of disintegration technologies

  • 12” laboratory refiner, boiler (55 l, 10 bar, 188°C), Sprout Waldron
  • Power measurement (4 channel)
  • 3-axis cutting force measurement, PCB
  • High speed camera
  • Fully equipped carpentry and metal workshop


Wood drying and modification

  • Laboratory dryer (convective-, low-temperature, steaming)
  • High-temperature dryer
  • Vacuum dryer
  • High-frequency vacuum dryer
  • Autoclave (Impregnation, hydrothermal modification)
  • Chemical modification

Manufacturing of Wood Composite Materials

  • Particle dryer
  • Screening station (0.16–100 mm)
  • 2 Gluing blenders (airless, compressed air)
  • 3 Laboratory presses (press area up to 500 x 500 mm, 250°C)
  • Multivariate statistical process modelling
  • Automated image analysis for characterisation of particle morphology
  • Test rig for determination of burning behaviour of floorings following EN ISO 9239-1


Prototype construction

  • Fully equipped carpentry workshop (circular saws, band saw, spindle moulder, planer, thicknesser, long belt sander, CNC)
  • Metal workshop


Testing rooms / Laboratories

  • Mechanical analysis (tensile, compression, bending, shear, fracture work, hardness, axial withdrawal of screws, ABES, pendulum impact test, 2D and 3D deformation measurement)
  • Microscopic analysis (AFM, UV, VIS, fluorescence microscopy, incident and transmitted light microscopy, rotary and sliding microtomes, ultracut, image analysis system)
  • Climate chambers
  • Thermal conductivity (λ-meter), thermal- and moisture transfer in wall mountings
  • Surface analysis (contact angle measuring system, spectrophotometer, chroma-meter)
  • Weathering stations (accelerated weathering, outdoor weathering)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, DMA, TG, STA)
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Rheology (rheometer, cold-tack test)
  • Chemical analysis (ATR-FTIR, NIR, UV-VIS, HPLC-DAD/RID/FLD, GC-FID, SPME/thermodesorption/headspace/liquid-injection-GC-MS, pressurized solvent extraction, soxhlett, automated titration)
  • Muffle furnace
  • Emission measurement according to ISO 16000 and EN 717 (micro chambers, 225 l test chambers, 30 m³ model rooms)
  • Microbiological laboratory
  • Determination of effectiveness of wood preservatives against fungi (following EN 113)
  • Isolation, cultivation and identification of wood inhabiting fungi (white-rot, brown-rot, mold and sap-staining fungi)
  • Cultivation of microorganisms in rotary culture (Binder VKS-75 Control) or in instrumented fermenter (Chemap 10 L)