Equipment and Methods

Our Labs and pilot plant stations are equipped with devices for biomass digestion, separation, conversion and purification of biorefinery products. Through our intensive co-operation with universities we have also the possibility to use their infrastructure.


Biomass digestion

  • Sample preparation and pretreatment (planetary ball mill, cutting mill, freeze dryer, extraction)
  • Pressure reactors (steel and glass autoclave reactor system 300 mL, 1000 mL, 3000 mL)
  • Purification and separation (membrane filtration equipment on laboratory scale, preparative chromatography on laboratory and pilot scale, ultracentrifuge 8 x 50mL / 6 x 1000 mL)
  • Functionalization of biopolymers


Biotechnological labs

  • Biotechnological conversion of process streams
  • 4x parallel fermenter system 2000 mL
  • anaerobic glove box
  • standard biotechnological laboratory equipment




  • Characterization of lignin and carbohydrates
  • Characterization of pulp (wet chemical methods)
  • Chromatography: HPLC, SEC, HPAEC-PAD, GC-FID
  • Spectroscopy: UV-Vis, NMR
  • Online and inline analytical methods (React-IR, NMR, data mining)
  • 250 m² laboratory space (wet chemistry, analytical chemistry)
  • 150 m² technical lab facility (reactor stations, fermenter stations)