Academic Partners COMET


Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Department of Physical Chemistry and Material Science

ETH Zürich

Institute for Building Materials

Reutlingen University

Faculty of Applied Chemistry

Institute for Industrial Ecology

St. Pölten

Johannes Kepler University Linz
Institute of Polymer Chemistry

Institute of Chemical Technology of Organic Materials
Institute of Polymer Injection Moulding and Process Automation


University of Technology Graz

Institute for Paper-, Pulp- and Fiber Technology

University of Technology Vienna
Institute of Chemical Engineering


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Department of Agrobiotechnology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering
Department of Economics and Social Sciences

University of Graz

Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research


University Hamburg

Zentrum Holzwirtschaft: Mechanische Holztechnologie

University of Lorraine

ENSTIB-LERMAB, Epinal (France)