1. Preis beim "Science Award des Rotary Club Tulln"

Frau DI Catherine Rosenfeld hat den 1.Platz beim "Science Award des Rotary Club Tulln" gewonnen. In Ihrer Dissertation entwickelte Sie im Rahmen des Projektes "SUSBIND" einen schnell aushärtenden, Fruktose-basierten Klebstoff für Holzwerkstoffe.

Research Award of the Federal Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Federal Specialist Group for Natural Resources for the year 2020


Cornelia Turecek received the research award of the Federal Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Federal Specialist Group for Natural Resources for the year 2020 for her master's thesis entitled "Barrieren für den mehrgeschossigen Holzwohnbau im urbanen Raum aus Sicht der Holzforschung- und Interessensvertretung, Bauträgerfirmen, Architekturbüros und der ausführenden Betriebe", which was carried out at the Institute for Marketing and Innovation (Boku) with the Wood Competence Centre (Wood K plus).


The award ceremony took place on 10 June 2022.

Innovation Prize of the Province of Carinthia 2022


The take-off project BioforS was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Province of Carinthia in the category Special Prize "Green Technologies - R&D for the Future".

tecnet / accent / BOKU Innovations Award 2021

Catherine Thoma und Wilfried Sailer-
Kronlachner haben den tecnet / accent /
BOKU Innovations Award 2021 gewonnen.
Der im Rahmen des Projekts SUSBIND
entwickelte Klebstoff konnte als Produkt mit
großem Marktpotential überzeugen.


The FFG Talents Regional Project „Wood be better“ under the direction of Cornelia Rieder-Gradinger has won the „Wissenschaf(f)t Zukunft“ award in the "Call for Concepts" category from the Lower Austrian Research and Education GmbH.

Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2020

Pia Solt-Rindler, Stefan Pinkl and Birger Bartuska each received the Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2020 for their Wood K plus master’s theses.

Winners in safety management and knowledge transfer

Wood K plus employees won the Georg Haberhauer Administration Award 2019 in collaboration with the Institute for Chemistry of Renewable Resources (BOKU).


The Georg Haberhauer Administration Award is given by the Rectorate of BOKU for implementation of concrete and reliable improvements of administrative and management activities. The team composed by Arianna Lucia and Julien Jaxel, together with other members of the Institute for Chemistry of Renewable Resources in Tulln, developed a management system for the introduction on the safety standards and rules in the chemistry lab for new researchers. The system consists in a “treasure hunt”. The new member must ask a list of questions about safety and lab rules to all the colleagues. At the end the answers will be reported for checking.

The smooth feasibility of the ideas and the good use of human resources, were worth winning the first prize. According to one of the committee member, “even the non-chemists on the selection committee were really impressed by the brilliant idea of how to make a boring safety training course exciting”.


Wood K plus wins Innovation Award of the Province of Upper Austria (OÖ Landespreis für Innovation) 2019

On October 24th 2019, the 26th Innovation Awards of the Province of Upper Austria were presented in the ORF Studios in Linz. From a total of 73 submissions, a twelve-member jury selected the winners in the categories "Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises", "Large Enterprises" and "Research Institutes".

For the second time after 2014, Wood K plus won the award for research institutes. Together with the "Jury Award for Radical Innovation" of 2015, Wood K plus has won three awards in five years.

The award went to the submission of "(Highly) porous carbon bodies based on renewable raw materials as precursors for silicon carbide (SiC) ceramics, activated carbon filters and materials for energy storage".

Wissenschaftspreis für die Herstellung einer extrem wasserabweisenden Holzoberfläche

Um Holz vor Schäden durch die übermäßige Aufnahme von Wasser zu schützen, wurde vom Team Smart Wood and Natural Materials (SWNM) in Tulln eine sogenannte superhydrophobe Beschichtung für Holzprodukte entwickelt, die Wassertropfen sofort abperlen lässt.


Stellvertretend dafür wurde Benjamin Arminger am 17. Juni 2019 mit dem 1. Platz des Science Award des Rotary Club Tulln ausgezeichnet. 

Direkt im Anschluss, von 18. – 20.6., durften Jan Janesch (ebenfalls SWNM) und Benjamin Arminger an der „International Conference of Applied Surface Science“ in Pisa teilnehmen. 

Sieg bei der FOTO CHALLENGE 2019 - OÖ Forschung im Bild

Gemeinsam mit der Prager Fotoschule setzte die Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR) erstmalig die FOTO CHALLENGE 2019 auf. Unter dem Motto „OÖ Forschung im Bild“ holte sie die herausragenden Forschungsleistungen in Oberösterreich vor den Vorhang und gab aufschlussreiche Einblicke in die Welt der Wissenschaft.

Die besten Fotos wurden im Rahmen des OÖ Zukunftsforums 2019 – Wirtschaft & Technologie im Palais Kaufmännischer Verein Linz ausgezeichnet und eine Auswahl der Bilder ausgestellt. Wood K plus und Fotografin Daniela Köppl konnten dabei den sehr prestigeträchtigen Publikumspreis gewinnen. Im Bild sehen sie die glücklichen Gewinner von Wood K plus mit dem Siegerfoto.

Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2018



DI Eva Lems and DI Claudia Gusenbauer each received the Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2018 for their Wood k plus master’s theses.

BOKU Sustainability Award in the category “Research” goes to Dr. Miriam Lettner

The 5th BOKU Sustainability Day (April 10th 2019) provided exciting workshops and lectures on the topics of cooperation and sustainability. The day was topped by granting the Sustainability Award in the category “Research” to Miriam Lettner from the team Market Analysis and Innovation Research (MAIF).

Houskapreis 2017

Honourable Mention Award for:

Printed Paper Sensors for Intelligent Wood, Sanitary-, and Medical Systems – JKU Linz (project leader Dr. R. Schwödiauer), Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH, SCIO-Holding GmbH


The submission "Printed Paper Sensors for Intelligent Wood, Sanitary, and Medical Systems" had been nominated for the Houskapreis and was finally awarded with an Honourable Mention in the category University Research. The award, donated with € 10.000, is the provisional highlight of an interdisciplinary collaboration between physicists from Soft Matter Physics (SoMaP, JKU), chemists from Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH (Wood K plus), and engineers from SCIO Holding GmbH. The research partners are driving the basic research work for novel sensor solutions with their joint project "Smart Wood Impedance Paper Sensors" (SWIPS).

Innovation Award 2016 of Boku, tecnet equity and the accent Gründerservice

The idea to pulp sugar beet just mechanically followed by a finest disintegration (nanofibrillation) and then glue wood with it, leads our employee Mr. Stefan Pinkl to win this year’s Innovation Award of BOKU, tecnet equity and the accent founder-service.

Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2015

Our employee Mr. Martin Riegler received the Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2015 for his dissertation.


Title of the dissertation:

Adapting manufacturing processes of wood-based panels by statistical models to increase the efficient usage of resources.

Inge Dirmhirn Prize 2015

Our employee Mrs. Valentina Rohrer-Vanzo received the Inge Dirmhirn Prize 2015 for her dissertation.


Title of the dissertation:

The potential of gender marketing for the female target group. A showcase for two “traditionally masculine connoted areas”: technical documentation in assembly instructions as well as forest ownership and –management.



"m.look" is winner of the Innovation Award 2015 of Lower Austria

The non- inflammable high pressure laminate “m.look”, developed by the competence center (area W3C) in cooperation with Funder Max , was awarded the Lower Austria Innovation Award 2015 (Karl-Ritter-von-Ghega-Preis).

Upper Austrian 2015 Innovation Award

The development and optimization of activated carbon fibers and their application as electrode material for supercapacitors was awarded with the Upper Austrian Award for Innovation 2015. Wood K plus was chosen from all 82 proposals for the Jury-Award for Radical Innovations.

JEC Americas 2014 Innovation Award

FunderMax, Johns Manville and Kompetenzzentrum Holz received the JEC Americas 2014 Innovation Award in the category Construction and the JEC Composites Magazine Special Prize: „A New Non-Combustible Composite for Decorative Facades“.

Upper Austrian 2014 Innovation Award

In September 2014 the Upper Austrian 2014 Innovation Award  in theResearch Institutions“ category was bestowed on Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH for the innovative development of natural fiber-reinforced polyolefin compounds (Natural Fiber Composite, NFC) mainly for use in the automotive industry in cooperation with Borealis AG. Lukas Sobczak and Andreas Haider accepted the award on behalf of the area Wood Polymer Composites.

3rd place of the Innovation and Research Award Carinthia

3rd place in the category large companies of the Innovation and Research Award Carinthia was awarded to the St. Veit team and its project “Powder Coating“.

Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2013

The Klaus Fischer Innovation Award is presented annually by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) in recognition of outstanding theses, dissertations and habilitation theses (at BOKU). Wood K plus is proud of having produced two winning papers in cooperation with the Institute of Wood Technology and Renewable Materials. Stefano D’Amico, a former WOOD employee, won over the jury with his dissertation on the “Development of biological wheat-based adhesive systems for wood composite materials“ and Tillmann Meints with his thesis on “Development of a model for color printing on solid wood surfaces“.

Carinthian Regionality Award 2014

The “GreCoS“ project won the Regionality Award 2014 in the category “Education, Science & Research“. In combination with the event and the media’s response this was good publicity for W3C and Wood K plus.



Mondi Best Paper Award 2014

At the symposium on paper held in Graz from June 4 - 5 under the banner “Innovation as Tradition“ the Mondi Best Paper Award was presented. Mag. Sebastian Koch jointly received the award with Prof. Dr. Peter Schwarzbauer and Dr. Tobias Stern for the article “Monthly wood supply behaviour of associated forest owners in Austria – Insights from the analysis of a micro-econometric panel”, published in the Journal of Forest Economics.

Innovation Award 2014

On 06 October 2014 the AVK Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V. (German Federation of Reinforced Plastics) presented its Innovation Award 2014. Awards were given for the best ideas in three categories. 3rd place in the category Products/Applications was awarded to Mondi AG and its partners Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH and Johnson Controls Interiors for the jointly developed cellulose fiber reinforced polymer compounds.



Other Awards:

Cross Border Award 2013 for crossborder-cooperation with South Bohemia and Lower Bavaria

JEC Award 2012 in the category of sustainable materials

Econ Award 2010 together with the company Hammerer

Tecnet Award Lower Austria 2010

Climate Protection Award 2010 togehter with Impress Decor Austria GmbH

Science to Business Award 2009 for the area in St. Veit

Schweighofer Prize 2009

National Award for Equal Opportunities 2009

Klaus Fischer Innovation Award 2008 to employee Jürgen Follrich

Schweighofer Prize 2007 for the innovation HIPE®WOOD