WOOD4ALL Mentoring with the CEO of Silicon Austria Labs (SAL)

After the inspiring and interesting Gender-Workshop with Daniela Fuks at the beginning of July 2023, the female employees from the AREA Wood & Paper Surface Technologies in St.Veit/Glan had the chance to have an interesting talk with the CEO of Silicon Austrian Labs (SAL) Christina Hirschl, PhD on August, 24th.


Within the WOOD4ALL project, female mentors in business and science are supporting young, female employees with their personal career planning and provide a network for know-how and experience exchange. During these events, inspiring women in leading positions are invited to share their know-how and give helpful advice to encourage the young female researchers in the field to go for their career goals, while maintaining a good balance between a striving career and their family life.


This time, the meeting was taking place at Wood K plus in St.Veit/Glan. In a casual atmosphere, having coffee and some sweets, Ms. Hirschl was introducing herself to the team and explained what her obstacles during her career were and how she managed to overcome them. As a mother of two children, she has found a perfect way to balance her family life and the work as a CEO of a company, commuting between three different sites in Austria.


Since Ms. Hirschl is an important mentor for female workers, she encouraged the employees at Wood K plus to be proud of their obtained achievements and never be afraid of a change. During work one should always focus on their talents and strengths, while keeping two things in mind: always stay true to yourself and never forget the importance of one’s personal life.