Wood K plus participates in BIO-SUSHY Project Kick-Off Meeting

During the meeting, RESCOLL (https://rescoll.fr/) WP2 leader presented the progress and plans of Work Package 2 in close cooperation with WP2 partners (Materia Nova, Wood K plus, IFTH, ECOZEMA), focusing on the objectives and tasks, identification and highlighting of essential and critical aspects, and the next steps and targets. The presentation was well received, and the attendees had a productive discussion on the project’s progress. The meeting concluded with a productive discussion on the plans and conclusions of the project, followed by a dinner.


On the second day February 9th, 2023, Wood K plus participated in a joint workshop for the BIO-SUSHY project with other partners. The workshop was held at Materia Nova, the project coordinator, and brought together key players in the project to discuss important topics related to coating development for textile, glass and food packaging sectors. During the workshop, Wood K plus and the rest of the consortium had productive discussions on the alignment of coating properties with the needs of end-users, including material developers in research and industry, with the ultimate goal of creating and maximising the benefit for society, the environment, and the economy. The expectations of SMEs and forthcoming decisions for SSbD (Safe and Sustainable by Design) coating developments were also discussed led by ITENE and University Leeds, along with the specifications for materials, data and information for modeling, and key performance indicators. The workshop was followed by a networking lunch and a visit to the Materia Nova lab facilities.


Within BIO-SUSHY project Wood K plus is responsible for formulation development based on bio-based thermoplastic matrices which should be developed and adopted for electrostatic spraying and scattering coating technologies being applied as water repellent and grease resistance coating on paper based substrates for take away food packaging in close cooperation with end user ECOZEMA from Italy www.ecozema.com/en


Sustainable Innovation & Impact Assessment (SIIA) group of Wood K plus will further contribute on Social Life Cycle Assessment in close cooperation with University Leads, ITENE and Materia Nova (partners covering LCA), particularly focusing on food packaging value chain.


More can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bio-sushy-project/


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