Project: EFRE Invest




Project: EFRE Investment project in research area wood- & paper surface technologies


The thematic focus of Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH in Sankt Veit is based on the fields of research "Surface", "Process" and "Application". With this definition of content and the associated material development in the field of NAWAROS, the need for special analytical methods and devices is linked.


For the development and characterization of high-performance materials from wood and natural fibers through the process technology along the entire value chain - from the raw material to green composites to the finished product, not only the chemical composition but also the analysis of the physical parameters as well as the structure information are important. This requires top-level know-how, which includes in particular the microscopic and macroscopic characterization of wood and fiber structures as well as the latest technologies for macro-, micro- and nano-scale stability investigations.


As part of an EFRE investment project in cooperation with the KWF, the existing research infrastructure of the competence center will be expanded. This is done in detail in the subareas


a)    Surface Characterization – Spectroscopy and Microscopy

b)    Material characterization – modeling and simulation

c)    Smart Coating – new technologies


This project is funded by the KWF with the project KWF-5462 | 30148 | 44528 and co-financed by the EFRE European Regional Development Fund.