Winners in safety management and knowledge transfer

Wood K plus employees won the Georg Haberhauer Administration Award 2019 in collaboration with the Institute for Chemistry of Renewable Resources (BOKU).
The Georg Haberhauer Administration Award is given by the Rectorate of BOKU for implementation of concrete and reliable improvements of administrative and management activities. The team composed by Arianna Lucia and Julien Jaxel, together with other members of the Institute for Chemistry of Renewable Resources in Tulln, developed a management system for the introduction on the safety standards and rules in the chemistry lab for new researchers. The system consists in a “treasure hunt”. The new member must ask a list of questions about safety and lab rules to all the colleagues. At the end the answers will be reported for checking. The smooth feasibility of the ideas and the good use of human resources, were worth winning the first prize. According to one of the committee member, “even the non-chemists on the selection committee were really impressed by the brilliant idea of how to make a boring safety training course exciting”.