Wood Chemistry & Biotechnology

Research Interests

The overall goal of the area Wood Chemistry and Biotechnology is to provide optimized solutions for utilization of biomass– especially wood – but also other renewable raw materials. Our group with more than 20 highly qualified researchers organized in two research teams (DPP, BCPT) and more than 15 years of experience in biomass handling is the ideal research facility for industrial and strategic questions from wood and wood components chemistry, pulp quality and the chemical and biotechnological conversion of renewable resources. Starting from pre-treatment of biomass up to digestion in pressure reactors, separation of valuable streams and method development for the necessary analytics are our expertises.


Therefore, we are active in

  • generating a basic understanding of the chemical reactions occurring during the decomposition processes and subsequently converting the acquired knowledge into new or improved processes
  • pre-treatment of biomass for improved digestion results
  • material efficient cellulose based products
  • conceiving intelligent approaches to selectively isolate the biomass fractions of interest and material and/or energetic utilization of them
  • chemical and/or biotechnological conversion of decomposition products of lignocellulosics to platform chemicals
  • the follow-up chemistry of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin
  • Development of analytical methods – from lab to application in industrial processes. Improved process control by elaboration of on- and in line capable methods.



Team Digesting Processes, Feedstocks & Products (DPP)

The Team Digesting Processes, Feedstocks & Products (DPP) mainly focuses on problems in the field of chemical pulping, new raw materials for pulp production, as well as new products from cellulose fibers. The utilization of different process streams from pulp- and fiber industry is also a research field within the team.


Team Biotechnological & Chemical Process Technology for Biomass Utilisation (BCPT)

The Team Biotechnological & Chemical Process Technology for Biomass Utilisation (BCPT) focuses on biotechnological conversion of process streams for the generation of value-added products, the substancial utilization of lignin and lignin derivatives, the development of concepts for a cascadic biorefinery. Furthermore the implementation of process analytical chemistry for the pulp- and fiber industry is a research domain.