Workshop „Innovative Applications of Plasma Technologies“

On June 27, 2019, the workshop "Innovative Applications of Plasma Technologies" will take place at INNOVA FVG in Amaro / Udine (Italy). The event will be held as part of the INTERREG V-A Italy - Austria 2014-2020 funded project ICAP (ITAT1010) - "Innovation through combined applications of plasma technologies". The ICAP research project is focused on plasma technologies with the aim of modifying surface treatments and properties with the help of hi-tech and environmentally friendly processes and supporting companies in the program area with product innovation.


The workshop will present the most important results of the experiments and other innovative applications of plasma technologies, also from industrial players who have already introduced these innovations in their production process.


Among other things, the workshop will focus on improving the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of materials through wear-resistant coatings based on nanoceramic layers on aluminum and steel as well as chrome-plated components presented by the project partner INNOVA. Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH presents the results of the plasma-enhanced PVD coating of electrically conductive thin films on wood-based materials, which also open up interesting application scenarios for regional companies in the wood furniture and electronics industry. Certottica compares the experimental results of plasma activation under vacuum with the results of treatment under atmospheric pressure and shows innovative fields of application.


For further details about the workshop, please refer to the enclosed program. The workshop will be held in Italian with simultaneous translation into German. Registration is requested (link in the program).