WOOD4ALL - #DiversityInScience - Part 3

"Women in research"

We present some of our female employees who talk about their careers, their experiences and challenges, and what they do at Wood K plus. These videos are not only intended to help make women in research more visible, but also to encourage other girls and women to pursue careers in research. We hope that these videos will also help to promote the importance of equal opportunities and diversity in the research community.


Introducing Raphaela Süss: The next member of our WOOD4ALL video series "Women in research" had the opportunity to do her master's thesis at Wood K plus in 2017 via an FEMtech internship. Since then, she has been employed with us as a research assistant and is writing her dissertation at the JKU. Her research focuses on the valorisation of lignin to replace aromatic compounds of the petroleum industry with bio-based ones. Since autumn 2021, she has also taken on the additional role of gender confidant in the company.