The research results are basis for a 13 mio Euro investment and 25 new jobs.


The furniture industry is always subject to trends. In the last few years, the tendency for high-gloss and high-quality surfaces has been manifested. To meet these needs, various technologies have been used in the past. These methods offer different advantages and disadvantages – but in detail they are not able to combine a perfect surface appearance with high scratch resistance or to be appropriately inexpensive. To fit in with these customer requirements, wood-based panel manufacturers have to offer new solutions.


With the results presented here, it has been possible to combine all the important criteria as "functionality of the surface". A perfect gloss effect and high surface resistance have been linked with easy processing and the possibility of easy-to-implement color combinations with, for example existing melamine surfaces.


The most important parameter of the project success was the achievement of the highest possible “depth effect” of the gloss combined with associated smooth surface where both, the carrier material used and the layer structure of the coating, played an essential role.


Since wood-based materials tend to age due to changes in environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), this phenomenon was already taken into account during the development work. Furthermore, the necessity of finding a balance between the hardness and the flexibility of the coating material was an important step.


Impact and effects

Based on the research results, the company partner made an investment of around 13 million Euros. With the implementation of the new technology, production capacity in the field of coated wood-based panels will take place and increase by around 40 % from 10,000 million m2 to 14,000 million m2. With this development it is expected to generate sales of around 60 million Euros per year, with an export share of around 90%. Linked to this is a strengthening of the production site, whereby 25 new jobs will be generated in the area of the new production plant in the final expansion.