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Accompanying environmental and techno-economic assessments of lignin-based resins during the innovation process

The accompanying assessments of bio-based products during the innovation process by considering environmental and techno-economic aspects supports the implementation of these products on the market. Barriers regarding the use of lignin-based resins are mostly linked to technical and economic issues, whereas the incentives are based on the expected lower environmental impacts of the lignin-based resins compared to the conventional resins. The environmental assessment conducted within the study emphasis this incentive.

Student Camp ,Biorefineries and Biobased Industrial Products' from 25.-28. February 2019 in Linz and Lenzing successfully completed

From 25.-28. January 2019, a student camp on the subject of 'Biorefineries and Industrial Processes and Products' was carried out at Wood K plus in Linz and Lenzing as part of the EU project Bioenergytrain. The participants arrived from 9 European countries, North America and Africa. It is worth giving a summary of the event from the point of view of students and organizers.